Spirit of Sport 2013

In the category MANAGER, the nominees are:

            Kirth Davis, Hockey                          Anthony Ramjit, Cricket

Dexter Voisin, Athletics


In the category TECHNICAL TEAM MEMBER, the nominees are:

Verne Alleyne                                     Gerald Garcia                         Wayne Samuel

Ian Sharpe


In the category CONSISTENT PERFORMER, the nominees are:

            George Bovell                                    Christina Ferreira                 Jehue Gordon

Sunil Narine                                       Arun Roopnarine


In the category COMEBACK PERFORMANCE, the nominees are:

Emile Abraham                                  Stacy Ann King                      Romona Modeste


In the category TEAM, the nominees are:

Senior Men, Cricket                           Senior Men, Hockey             

Senior Men, Rugby Sevens


In the category COACH, the nominees are:

            Glenn Francis                                     Stephen Hart                         Franz Huggins

            Dr. Ian Hypolite                                 Anil Roberts


In the category ATHLETE WITH A DISABILITY (PHYSICAL), the nominees are:

            Shanntol Ince                                     Ronald Carlos Greene

            Wimana Akeem Stewart


In category COMMUNITY SPORT PROGRAMME, the nominees are:

Deaf Sports Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago

KFC/Comets Youth Development Programme

            San Fernando Future Football Stars


In the category COMMUNITY CHAMPION, the nominees are:

            Andy Allan                                         Preston Nanan

            Kwanieze John (pronounced Kwa-neeze)


In the category PARENT, the nominees are:

Mr & Mrs Ince                                   Mr & Mrs Kallicharan           Sean Olton


In the category BREAKTHROUGH ATHLETE, the nominees are:

Dylan Carter                                      Marisa Dick                            Jehue Gordon

Shanntol Ince                                    Njisane Phillip           


In the category RECORD-BREAKING PERFORMANCE, the nominees are:

            Dylan Carter                                      Njisane Phillip

            Jehue Gordon

In the category EMERGING ATHLETE, the nominees are:

Dylan Carter                                      Marisa Dick                            Shanntol Ince

            Nicholas Pooran                                 Justin Roberts


In the category MALE ATHLETE, the nominees are:                                           

George Bovell                                    Dylan Carter                          Jehue Gordon

            Sunil Narine                                       Njisane Phillip


In the category FEMALE ATHLETE, the nominees are:

            Kirbyina Alexander                           Cleopatra Borel                     Marisa Dick

            Aleena Edwards                                Shanntol Ince


In the category SPORT PERFORMANCE, the nominees are:

George Bovell                                    Dylan Carter                          Shanntol Ince
Jehue Gordon                                    Njisane Phillip




In the category SCHOOL, the nominees are:

St. Augustine Secondary
St. Joseph’s Convent, Port of Spain – SOSA AWARDEE

Trinity College East


In the category EDUCATOR, the nominees are:

            David Asgarali, La Puerta Government Primary

Lucia Nero-Giles, St. Joseph Secondary – SOSA AWARDEE

            Vasdev Bob Roopnarine, Debe Secondary


In the category COMMUNITY COACH, the nominees are:

            Cedric Hazelwood – SOSA AWARDEE

            Kwanieze John


In the category COMMUNITY GROUP, the nominees are:

            Ashmead Ali Contracting Services

Magic Community Boxing Gym
San Fernando Sports Academy – SOSA AWARDEE


In the category COMMUNITY TEAM, the nominees are:

Jenexcon Tableland Sports Club (Cricket)
La Romaine Jet Stars (Basketball)

Magic Community Boxing Gym (Carenage) – SOSA AWARDEE


In the category SPORT FOR A SOCIAL CAUSE, the nominees are:

JBF Kiddi K Walk against Paediatric Cancer – SOSA AWARDEE

Scotiabank Women against Breast Cancer 5K Classic

            The Sports Desk

In the category JUNIOR FEMALE ATHLETE, the nominees are:

            Emma Davis - Tennis

            Jasher De Gannes – Table Tennis – SOSA AWARDEE

            Christine Ferreira - Golf

            Kristin Julien - Swimming

            Jeminise Parris - Athletics


In the category JUNIOR MALE ATHLETE, the nominees are:

            Dylan Carter – Swimming – SOSA AWARDEE               

Arun Roopnarine – Table Tennis

Sachin Kumar - Golf             

Jeremy Solozano - Cricket
Justin Roberts - Cycling

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